What's Your Grind?

Not sure what type of GRIND you need?

Most households use the Medium Grind (Auto-Drip/Drip) and Keurig for the reusable Keurig pods.

Whole Bean: When you want to grind your own coffee to get that even fresher taste and aroma.

Keurig: A specialized grind for the reusable Keurig Pods

Extra Coarse: Cold Brew

Texture: Ground Peppercorns

Coarse: French Press, Cupping, Percolator

Texture: Sea salt

Medium-Coarse: Chemex, Clever Dripper, Cafe Solo Brewer

Texture: Beach Sand

Medium: Flat Bottom Drip Brewer (Auto-Drip), Cone Shaped Pour Over, Aeropress 3+minute, Siphon Brewer

Texture: Playground Sand

Medium-Fine: Cone Shaped Pour Over, Aeropress 3-minute, 

Texture: Table Salt

Fine: Espresso Machine, Aeropress 1-2 minute, Stove-top Espresso Maker

Texture: Powder Milk or Package Stevia

Super Fine: Ibrik - Turkish 

Texture: Flour 

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