Texas Sludge Coffee Company is going to be selecting a veteran or military family in which a percentage of net profit from sales of each bag (Freedom Blend Dark & Light Blend) sold will be donated.

Net Profit Donated to Nominee = $6/bag (Donated amount is subject to increase at discretion of Texas Sludge Coffee Company) - Inquire for further details! 

Depending on the amount of financial need and duration of sponsorship, we will update our followers and customers as soon as we can so that they can contribute and help.

Texas Sludge Coffee Company takes pride in helping others; but, for certain circumstances, we will also keep personal information and photos of the nominee confidential for privacy and security reason.

Regular updates will be provided to our donors on how their efforts have helped our veterans and/or military families.

Our goal is to sponsor 1 family or veteran a month, to help meet not their basic needs but to go beyond that - to get them on their feet.


From Rangers to Rough Riders of the 170,000 current military service members who call the Lone Star State home, Texans have always answered the call to defend and protect America. Our Freedom Blend honors our military heroes, past and present, whose sacrifice and bravery have guaranteed our Liberty for over 250 years.

Taste Profile: Smooth and nutty with a light mouth feel. Available in both a light and dark roast. A roast that honors those who fought & continue to fight for our Freedom.

Click here to see this particular Blend.



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