Great Day SA - San Antonio Coffee Festival 2018

Great Day SA - San Antonio Coffee Festival 2018

Well, if you know San Antonio, TX you know WE LOVE COFFEE!!!

Our Cowboy Coffee Blend was featured and don't you think Linda Brewster did an amazing job as usual?

Don't miss out on this HUGE event and stock up on your favorite coffee! 

We will be showcasing Cowboy Coffee, Bull Riders Blend, Rise & Shine, Freedom Blend (light roast) and our personal favorite Puzzle Masters Blend! So get your Coffee Flight ticket and come by our Villita Street booth 24 behind Maverick Plaza.

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Texas Sludge Coffee Company is going to be selecting a veteran or military family in which a percentage of net profit from sales of each bag (Freedom Blend Dark & Light Blend) sold will be donated.

Net Profit Donated to Nominee = $6/bag (Donated amount is subject to increase at discretion of Texas Sludge Coffee Company) - Inquire for further details! 

Depending on the amount of financial need and duration of sponsorship, we will update our followers and customers as soon as we can so that they can contribute and help.

Texas Sludge Coffee Company takes...

Events Calendar

Events Calendar

Now you can follow us and come join us at events around Texas! 

Add to your calendar as a reminder so you won't miss out when we will be in your city or town! 

See our calendar here.

Queen of Cake

Queen of Cake

Our newest partner is The Queen of Cake! 

She does some amazing work. We will be doing some coffee tastings soon and make sure to keep an eye out for some delicious recipes.

Her customers LOVE the Texas Pecan by the way - something nobody should pass up!

So go on over and check her out and get some yummies while you're there.

Check out her website here.

15 Household Uses For Coffee Filter

15 Household Uses For Coffee Filter

Coffee filters can be used for more than filtering coffee. You will be amazed at the many other uses for coffee filters. These creative ideas are both money and time savers, and who doesn't like saving money? Once you see the wide array of ideas you are sure to come up with a bunch more. Here are a few ideas for putting your coffee filters to use:

  1. Coffee filters can be used as disposable bowls for snacks such as popcorn, chips or crackers, allowing you to save time.
  2. You can use these filters if you run out of paper...


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